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In many of the podcasts and radio interviews that I do, you may notice that I tend to talk rapidly; much like a semi-automatic weapon. Some say it’s more like a fully automatic weapon. Whatever. I promise that I’m trying to curb the tendency to shove as much information as possible into an interview. I also promise there’s a couple here that you may actually be able to keep up with.

Go ahead and listen. Laugh. And Make More Earth.

~ I met the fabulous Farmer Fred from the radio show Get Growing! on KFBK out of Sacramento this month. You may know him from his blog The Farmer Fred To listen in, scroll to the third segment down (1/9) Get Growing With Farmer Fred.

~ I’ve decided that could really get used to radio. Those who know me know that to say I was born to do the talkies is an understatement. I had a fabulous time chatting it up about compost on Home Grown Radio (WFPL 89.3).

~ I was lucky enough to have a chance to chat with super-garden-guru, Helen Yoest on her radio show Gardening With Confidence on WebTalk Come Listen: Compost Chat on Gardening With Confidence.

~ Some more wonderful gardening pals of mine, Teresa O’Connor and Jayme Jenkins and I talked about heirloom vegetables on their podcast Nest in Style. Come listen in: Heirlooms on Nest in Style

~ Carole Brown is a gifted ecosystem gardener and has the answer to every wildlife gardening question that you could ever think of. Carole and I had such a fantabulous time yapping about composting that we ran the meter over – three times! Which resulted in a three part composting series:

1. Composting and Healthy Soil
2. How to Start a Compost Pile
3. The Accidental Organic Gardener

I broke chatting speed records in this series!

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