A Garden to Dye For Natural Dye Starter Kit Giveaway!

I am so excited for ya'll to have fun with this book that I decided to make sure someone came out of this contest with just about everything they need … [Continue Reading]


A Garden to Dye For

I'm tickled pink to finally share with you my latest book project! I wrote this book to bridge the gap between my gardening friends and colleagues and … [Continue Reading]

A Garden to Dye For Cvr reduced

Knitter’s Knight Giveaway

...And now for something a little different and very special. I recently won a gorgeous, handmade raku bowl by Tim Stout at Stone Penguin Pottery at … [Continue Reading]


Shout-Out For Cowboy Magic Grooming Products

Many times I write "Shout-Outs" as opposed to true reviews simply because a person, product, or company is just plain awesome. I love to let the world … [Continue Reading]


Vertical Garden Goodies Giveaway

currants at a suburban farmer.com

Many of you may have heard that my new book Vertical Vegetable Gardening launched on New Year's Eve. This was one of my favorite books to write and … [Continue reading]

NaNoWriMo…This Round


We interrupt this modern homesteading blog for the opening of National Novel Writing Month which starts at midnight tonight (so, that's technically … [Continue reading]

No Garlic Left Behind (We’re Giving it Away!)

proven winners garlic

Every fall I watch in amazement as many of the gardeners around me tuck their beds in for the cold months. I can't figure out if they don't know they … [Continue reading]

Sold on Proven Winners Perennial Plants

proven winners plants on a suburban farmer.com

Proven Winners once again sent me some brand-new 2012 varieties to check out a couple of months ago. But I tend to wait until review plants are … [Continue reading]

My Re-Purposed Spice Rack Kitchen Garden and Table Stand Raised Garden


Try to get past the incredibly catchy names, okay? These are two vertical gardening ideas that I created for my new vertical vegetable book … [Continue reading]

Homegrown & Handmade Book Excerpt and a Giveaway!


Here's a book that I've been meaning to tell you about for months ~ Homegrown & Handmade by Deborah Niemann. This is a smart book for today's … [Continue reading]

My Pinterest Birthday Giveaway


Like it or not, my birthday is rolling around in twelve days and I can't think of a better time to give some stuff away. But how? What's new? What's … [Continue reading]

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Adjust Your Wintertude


Quit with the face, it'll come back. Sheesh. I think that winter is misunderstood. One of the best things about the changing seasons is that you … [Continue reading]

Double Plant a Fall/Spring Flower Pot


This looks like a simple fall flower pot. But, this pansy-planted container has a deeply buried secret. Here's a fast and rewarding way to plant a … [Continue reading]