Rabbits Are the Perfect Compliment to Your Hobby Farm


Time and time again, rabbits have proven themselves an ideal livestock choice for small farms. Rabbits are the perfect hobby-farm livestock, as they require very little space, are easy to care for, and offer so much in return. Even hobby farms located in suburban and urban neighborhoods find small-scale rabbit keeping an easy endeavor. Rabbit [...]

It’s Compost Bin-Raising Day!

Yes, folks have you ever seen anyone so excited about a pile of garbage? Next to our monster-door cold frame we have a respectable size compost pile going – a big “thank you” shout-out going to our rabbits. I started this pile long before I gave any thought to containing it. It’s already beginning to [...]

When Does a Brown Act Like a Green?

When it’s straw that’s been used in rabbit cages and it’s soaked with bunny pee and poop. Ta-da! Your “brown” (carbon) straw is now a green (nitrogen) when you toss it onto your compost pile. This is why I keep telling everyone not to attempt to measure greens and browns – it gets all mixed [...]