Knitter’s Knight Giveaway


…And now for something a little different and very special. I recently won a gorgeous, handmade raku bowl by Tim Stout at Stone Penguin Pottery at Decoded! Guess what? I’m giving the next one away to one to you guys! PLUS, the fabulous Queen Bee Fibers is adding a sample skein of her handspun [...]

Baa Baa Black Sheep…Can I Spin Your Wool?


Yes, I actually spun the wool on this spindle. Swear. I learned to spin today. I’d been waiting for this for years. More specifically, I learned the first part of spinning wool. Apparently there’s a few more steps and the next one involves “plying”. Plying basically goes like this: after you stress out and finagle [...]

Is Your Neighborhood Edible?

Front yard beds

And now, a shout-out for a fantabulous Bay Area Edible Landscaping Tour and very worthy non-profit organization ~ Many thanks to Suburban Farmer who has graciously invited me to write this guest post to shamelessly promote a good thing: Common Ground’s 4th Annual Edible Landscaping Tour is coming up this Saturday, July 24th, 11AM to [...]

Move Over Big Ag…Home Ag is Moving In


Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks Growing things isn’t brain surgery. After all, squirrels do it everyday and without – I might add – opposable thumbs. They hide acorns away for literally a rainy day and half the time they forget about it. The next thing you know, there stands a mighty oak that ends up housing and [...]

Modern Homesteading on the Suburban Farm


Photo by Izafineday You’ve probably figured out that there are tremendous advantages to growing your own food, or you probably wouldn’t be at this site. But I’d like to revisit the undeniable benefits so that there’s no doubt left in your mind, that farming in your own backyard is the right idea. Remember the Victory [...]