A Garden to Dye For Natural Dye Starter Kit Giveaway!


I am so excited for ya’ll to have fun with this book that I decided to make sure someone came out of this contest with just about everything they need to start experimenting with plant colors from their garden. I put a Natural Dye Starter Kit together and the only thing you’ll need to play [...]

Knitter’s Knight Giveaway


…And now for something a little different and very special. I recently won a gorgeous, handmade raku bowl by Tim Stout at Stone Penguin Pottery at Decoded Pregnancy.com! Guess what? I’m giving the next one away to one to you guys! PLUS, the fabulous Queen Bee Fibers is adding a sample skein of her handspun [...]

Going Green is Easy with This Earth Day Giveaway


BuyGreen.com believes that the products you buy every day can make a real difference for the world. That’s why they’ve created a site that makes it simple for families to purchase earth-friendly products. Here you’ll find some of the most Eco-friendly products anywhere. There’s lots of goodies for the gardener including seed bombs , red wigglers for [...]

Vertical Garden Goodies Giveaway

currants at a suburban farmer.com

Many of you may have heard that my new book Vertical Vegetable Gardening launched on New Year’s Eve. This was one of my favorite books to write and I’m hoping readers find more than they bargained for between the front & back covers. By the way, planting climbing plants such as peas is merely one [...]

No Garlic Left Behind (We’re Giving it Away!)

proven winners garlic

Every fall I watch in amazement as many of the gardeners around me tuck their beds in for the cold months. I can’t figure out if they don’t know they could have a cool-weather garden or if they’re just tired of tending one. Either way they’re missing out big time. Fall-winter gardens are seriously under-utilized. [...]

Homegrown & Handmade Book Excerpt and a Giveaway!


Here’s a book that I’ve been meaning to tell you about for months ~ Homegrown & Handmade by Deborah Niemann. This is a smart book for today’s modern homesteader. Deborah Niemann more than delivers on practical guidance for a more sustainable and inspirational lifestyle. From growing and using your own food crops, to starting and [...]

My Pinterest Birthday Giveaway


Like it or not, my birthday is rolling around in twelve days and I can’t think of a better time to give some stuff away. But how? What’s new? What’s fun? When my brilliant friend, Pamela Price (Red, White, & Grew), suggested that I might use Pinterest, I thought that sounded like a perfectly plausible [...]

Chiweenie Draws a Forking Winner


I apologize about the title…I’m usually much more PG than that. Swear. I just found the fork thing too hard to resist. PLUS, seriously — it’s about time! Am I right? The chiweenie should have been put to work weeks ago. Yet, I’ve been shackled to this keyboard aiming (and blowing right by) deadlines. So, [...]

Spring Giveaway – Khombu Mud Boots


NOW we’re getting somewhere – it’s spring time! A time for sun. A time for rain. A time for….mud. Yet, we are undaunted. It’s going to take a hulluva lot than mud more to keep us die-hard gardeners away from the soil. So, it’s also time for a Kaymen boot giveaway by Khombu! Remember how [...]

Botanical Interests Will Stop at Nothing (and a Giveaway)


This dedicated seed company will stop at nothing to get you excited about starting plants from seed. Including to give you enough information to practically make you a botanist. While I’ve been purchasing Botanical Interests’ seeds at local nurseries for many years, it’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve actually had the [...]