Seed Starting Article Round-Up

starting seeds at a suburban

Anyone who has met me knows all about my seed-freakiness. I have hundreds and hundreds of seed packets around me, yet it’s already mid-February and I haven’t started a single seed! This weekend I’ll change all of that. I’m making a list and checking it twice (possibly three or four times because I can’t bear [...]

My Life May be Crazy Right Now — But I lost 5 Pounds


The view of the Coloma valley from our back deck — I’ve died and gone to heaven… So where the hell have I been?? Certainly not writing on my, poor, neglected blog. Okay, so while I finished The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Small-Space Gardening, I was also working on the edits for Hobby Farms: Small-Scale [...]

Badass Bitches and the Gardens That Love Them


Oh yeah, even the gardening world has Rockstars. All that’s missing in this picture is a guitar and a hand trowel. Without further ado, using one of my favorite adjectives of all time, I give you Michael Nolan, The Garden Rockstar – A guest post by author Michael Nolan Check out this horticultural hottie’s book, [...]

Newly Dug Lawn Garden Beds: The Good, The Bad, and The Awesomeness


Look at these pathetic little dudes… So, here’s what happened to the new garden beds we dug into the lawns on the suburban farm this year. Remember the front lawn garden beds? Well…we didn’t add much of anything after we dug up the sod. We purchased a couple of bags of compost at the store [...]

What Happens in My Garden While I’m Bitching


Unfortunately, many of you have been privy to my incessant complaining of this bizarre Northern California weather. But in between this miserable gloom and doom, we’ve clearly had our sunny days. Just not enough to satisfy me. Oh yeah, the clouds part for a day or two, but is it enough to keep me from [...]

So Much Land…Too Bad It’s Under Sod


Husband-extraordinaire literally flipped the sod over (Thankfully, there was a chiweenie nearby to supervise). No turning back now… Getting closer to the planting stage. Okay…so the neighbors have moved from suspicious to curious. At least I think that was curiosity I saw on their faces. Several days ago, We performed suburban blasphemy and dug a [...]

Build it and The Decomposers Will Come


I’m creating my new vegetable beds via compost sandwiches this year. While I’m getting them put together a little later than I had hoped for – they are coming together. I still have plenty of months ahead before the serious spring rolls back around. I’m thrilled knowing that the compost sandwiches are going to call [...]