Sold on Proven Winners Perennial Plants

proven winners plants on a suburban

Proven Winners once again sent me some brand-new 2012 varieties to check out a couple of months ago. But I tend to wait until review plants are established a bit before writing about them as I truly want to see how they deal with my climate. Okay, truth-be-told I’m behind on everything and I’m just [...]

The Joy of Hobby Farming by Michael and Audrey Levatino


By now you may have heard that the suburban farm has moved to the country. Even on 5 acres, I would still define it as a micro or hobby farm. In fact, I still do a lot of suburban-type farming such as planting in containers on my back deck and growing in raised beds. That [...]

Proven Winners — First Plants for the New House


Goodbye, Cecile Brunner Rose… In the middle of June, as we packed our entire home and yards for the big move to Hawk Hill, it dawned on us that most of the gardens would have to stay. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the vegetable gardens that I worked on every year that got to me. It was [...]

Me and My RainBops


These are my darling RainBops I headed into this winter without any mud or rain boots for traipsing around in my yard and garden. And I do a LOT of traipsing. So I was understandably thrilled when I heard that I’d won a pair of RainBops by Garden Shoes Online. Photo by Mattbuck Here’s what [...]

Holiday Decorating With H. Potter Wardian Case


In October I was the happy recipient of a darling Wardian Case Terrarium from H. Potter. I’ve always been weak for these pieces of elegance in my home. I immediately put it to work as the new home for my carnivorous Venus Fly Traps, Boris, Draco, and Jeffrey. A small sign labeled it with “Little [...]

Corona Tools in My Back Pocket (and In My Car)


Okay this review has been a long time coming. I know this will look like just another shout-out for a company that sent me a product – but it just isn’t so. Well, Corona Tools did send me a product but only because I have loved and used Corona products for thirty years. This automatically [...]