A Garden to Dye For

A Garden to Dye For Cvr reduced

I’m tickled pink to finally share with you my latest book project! I wrote this book to bridge the gap between my gardening friends and colleagues and the fiber/crafting world. A mere student-of-the-arts, it’s written solely from a plant lover and experimenter’s perspective. A Garden to Dye For (St. Lynn’s Press, 2014) will be available [...]

Sold on Proven Winners Perennial Plants

proven winners plants on a suburban farmer.com

Proven Winners once again sent me some brand-new 2012 varieties to check out a couple of months ago. But I tend to wait until review plants are established a bit before writing about them as I truly want to see how they deal with my climate. Okay, truth-be-told I’m behind on everything and I’m just [...]

Adjust Your Wintertude


Quit with the face, it’ll come back. Sheesh. I think that winter is misunderstood. One of the best things about the changing seasons is that you get the opportunity to plan for new things in the garden. Surprising things. Beautiful things. Or yummy things. The fact is that we need the down months of winter. [...]

Baa Baa Black Sheep…Can I Spin Your Wool?


Yes, I actually spun the wool on this spindle. Swear. I learned to spin today. I’d been waiting for this for years. More specifically, I learned the first part of spinning wool. Apparently there’s a few more steps and the next one involves “plying”. Plying basically goes like this: after you stress out and finagle [...]

My Life May be Crazy Right Now — But I lost 5 Pounds


The view of the Coloma valley from our back deck — I’ve died and gone to heaven… So where the hell have I been?? Certainly not writing on my, poor, neglected blog. Okay, so while I finished The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Small-Space Gardening, I was also working on the edits for Hobby Farms: Small-Scale [...]

First Spring with My Western Blue Mason Bees


The Mason bees in their little bee sleeping bags (cocoons) My first season with my Western Blue Mason bees has been a tricky one. Everything was cruising along just fine until we decided to look for a place with a little more land — and found it. We didn’t have an exact date pinned down [...]

Guys: Send Valentines Flowers the Right Way


We interrupt this gardening blog to give a head’s up to the dudes in our lives. Valentines Day is kinda special to the ladies, guys and I wanted to share a few tips for the less-than-romantic out there. So, I’m bringing back an article I wrote a while back as an elbow- in-the-side for the [...]

Small Space Gardening on the Suburban Farm


Today was an extremely rainy Saturday here on the suburban farm. But in between jags of pouring rain, I managed to capture what I think are sights of interest. The first one is what I’m thinking is the ultimate in small space gardening – a couple of volunteer baby lettuces popping up in the crack [...]

What Happens in My Garden While I’m Bitching


Unfortunately, many of you have been privy to my incessant complaining of this bizarre Northern California weather. But in between this miserable gloom and doom, we’ve clearly had our sunny days. Just not enough to satisfy me. Oh yeah, the clouds part for a day or two, but is it enough to keep me from [...]

Victory Garden at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show


If you haven’t ever been to a SF Flower & Garden Show, I think it’s my duty to inform you that you’re missing out big time. This show didn’t earn its reputation for being the most cutting edge garden show in the country for nothing. The sheer talent of the most amazing designers anywhere shows [...]