Seed Starting Article Round-Up

starting seeds at a suburban

Anyone who has met me knows all about my seed-freakiness. I have hundreds and hundreds of seed packets around me, yet it’s already mid-February and I haven’t started a single seed! This weekend I’ll change all of that. I’m making a list and checking it twice (possibly three or four times because I can’t bear to leave a seed behind).

As I wade through what seems like endless seed packets I always end up giving the envelopes of each variety a little shake to get a general feel about how many of my tiniest friends are available this season.  I thought this would be a good time to share a list of some if my seed articles with you guys.

I don’t write these articles because I love my own voice, people. I write them to inspire you to plant your first garden this year or to grow more this year, and to try something new. My best piece of advice for the new-to-gardening folk is to find a sunny spot, digs a small hole, toss a handful of compost into it for good measure and plant something. Anything. I won’t rest until everyone is planting at least a wee bit in their own space. Home ag is good for the body, soul, and pocketbook.

And we all have space for a little soil.  Email me if you think that’s not true for you and I’ll fix ya good.

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Photo by urban food warrior