NaNoWriMo…This Round

We interrupt this modern homesteading blog for the opening of National Novel Writing Month which starts at midnight tonight (so, that’s technically tomorrow). I live for growing, raising, and creating; all things that make up my favorite lifestyle. But tonight we write.

And I’m nothing if not a writer.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve tackled it several times in years past, but there’s a big gap between then and now. So cover me — I’m going back in. Oh sure people snicker, people guffaw, and there’s plenty of eye-rolling. The fact is that NaNo hasn’t been graced by the -powers-that-be as authentic authorship (per my favorite penmonkey, at Terribleminds).

I also realize that 50,000 words does not a novel make. I understand that when I fly past that virtual finish line on the last day of November that money will not fall from the skies like rainy, green glitter. And the Monday following I won’t be perched (sucking my gut in), on Oprah’s couch chatting like old hens. (I’m actually really okay with this one).

Say what you will, but most people find it a challenge to put 50,000 coherent (basically) words on paper in 30 days. Plus, they gave me permission to tell my brutal inner critic to STFU all month long and just let me tell the story. AND they put me into a virtual room with 300,000 others around the globe…and then said we could drink coffee and shove as many M & Ms into our mouths as possible. We even have dates to get together (for real) once a week to write at the same time like some massive, strung-out, dazed, and insanely happy creating machine.

I’ve come to terms with all of this and the less-than-real-novelist certificate which states that I simply put 50,000 words in a row — and that. is. all. It doesn’t matter if it’s horrendous dog dirt or the next GAN (Great American Novel). I clearly wrote 50,000 words of creative…whatever. The End.

I get all of this and I don’t care. I enjoy using use NaNo to light a writing fire under my ample buttocks.

This time I was pondering the type of words I wanted to work with; novel, non-fiction, or as many articles as I could wring out of my hands in order to get a jump-start on my daily work. I’ve decided to stick with the original spirit of NaNoWriMo and go for the skeleton novel (it’ll need about another 50,000 of flesh added later).

I have a few characters that are begging to be exposed.

(BTW — Have you ever heard of Water for Elephants? NaNo novel. Just sayin’)