My Re-Purposed Spice Rack Kitchen Garden and Table Stand Raised Garden

Try to get past the incredibly catchy names, okay? These are two vertical gardening ideas that I created for my new vertical vegetable book (Title-To-Be-Determined, released in January 2013). Husband-Extraordinaire and I found the spice rack for the Spice Rack Kitchen Garden at a garage sale for $3, which had us jumping up and down before we’d even planted it. Easily entertained, I know.

It was easy-peasy to set up, too.

1. First, I cut 2 burlap strips 91/2″ x 24″ for each container (for double lining), then lined the baskets with the burlap.

2. Added some potting soil.

3. Added the plants.

4. Folded and tucked the corners into the baskets, which makes nice little pockets (instead of straight edges) so the soil wouldn’t fall out.

5. Then I watered.


As far as the concept of the unit:

I fully expect that this is going to be a seasonal planter; the baskets aren’t deep enough for perennial plants nor plants that are deep-rooted. Someone asked me if this was going to be enough room for even the herbs. My answer is yes — for my family. We have a large one and go through a lot of herbs in the kitchen…and chives…and strawberries.

The lettuce here is ‘Red Sails’ and we’ll have to harvest the leaves while they’re young, which isn’t a bad thing. As far as the ‘Quinault’ strawberries go,  they adore our Northern California climate, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if those tenacious little dudes came back next year.

Anyway, I could see alyssum and baby tears spilling over the edges of these baskets, too.  It was a fun little unit to plant and perfect for someone with extremely limited gardening space like an apartment or condo. Home ag can work for anyone, anywhere.

My Table Stand Raised Garden couldn’t be any easier to plant. The stand originally held a glass table top (which broke) and the base was sitting on someone’s side yard.

In the rain. Unloved.

We found a Rubbermaid container; drilled holes in the bottom; slid it inside the stand; added soil and plants. The only thing that could have been done better (IMO) is if the container was clear instead of a light blue. Also, there’s no way that this much soil is necessary. So if I could have found a clear and shallower container, I would have chosen it.

The moral of the story is to stop throwing  your crap out and loiter about other people’s garages so you can get some of their crap, too. (That sounded very different in my head.)