Adjust Your Wintertude

Quit with the face, it’ll come back. Sheesh.

I think that winter is misunderstood.

One of the best things about the changing seasons is that you get the opportunity to plan for new things in the garden. Surprising things. Beautiful things. Or yummy things. The fact is that we need the down months of winter. Our gardens are always growing, moving, producing, and evolving in one way or another no matter what type or style.

At one point last year you may have hit a wall or two and found that it was it impossible to keep up with the weeds, or deadheading, or overgrowth, or the harvest. Did you really find enough people to take all that zucchini? Or maybe the armloads of flowers you brought into the house didn’t leave any blooms to dress up the garden.

The garden isn’t the only thing that needs the quiet time of the cold months. Winter offers the clean slate that we need to take a look at the bare bones and reassess. It gives us the rest that we need to collect our dreams and ideas and bind them together with some tangible planning. We need time to think and time to make plans.

I’ve got some killer plans.

1. Our first project is a brand-spanking new veggie garden — no small feat, I assure you. The bazillion deer alone are a force to be reckoned with. Since we just moved to hawk Hill last June, we weren’t able to wrap our minds around a proper vegetable garden. I just drug some over-grown, root-bound tomato plants and peppers with me popped them into the rock-hard soil. I refused to plant them back at our old place because probably a non-gardener would move in and waste my darlings. Heathens.

2. The hill-tiered garden that we stuck the scraggly veggie plants in last year will be a lovely (and my largest) herb garden. I refer to this garden as “the potager”, pronounced “POT-u-jer”. Which is, by the way, completely incorrect pronunciation of this word. It’s more French than that. But hey, my garden; my rules.


3. I saved my coolest plan for last. If you don’t like fiber or fabric, you can move on now. Cuz’ this will bore you to death. But if you’re a crafter…oh yeah, you’re going to be so pleased. I’m planting a dyer’s garden. What is a dyer’s garden? It’s badass, awesome, and totally on the cutting edge — that’s what it is. It’ll be a garden of plants whose flowers, stems, or roots can be used to dye fabrics, yarns, and other goodies.

This is not a sheep.

Plus, Betty White lets me spin her fiber, so there’s that.

Top those plans. Go on, I’ll wait.

*Oh, and for those who are still saying “potager” over and over, here’s the correct pronunciation of “potager”

(You have no idea how hard it was to resist adding “Dude” to that post title)

~ Dead plant photo by Yours truly, Chris McLaughlin
~ Calendula photo by Audreyjm529
~ Betty White (Angora goat) photo was taken by Hollis McLaughlin