Chiweenie Draws a Forking Winner


I apologize about the title…I’m usually much more PG than that. Swear. I just found the fork thing too hard to resist. PLUS, seriously — it’s about time! Am I right? The chiweenie should have been put to work weeks ago. Yet, I’ve been shackled to this keyboard aiming (and blowing right by) deadlines.


So, without any further ado, I give you the winner of the Khombu boot givaway ….(Congo-drum roll please) — Janelle Burns! Which is like freaky because I actually know Janelle. It’s for this very reason that I always have backup witnesses other than the chiweenie.

I may have considered tossing the name out, however I had this reliable witness —->


And this character. Although, it’s kinda hard to tell exactly what she witnessed because something shiny went by (probably a squirrel).


Oh, and there was this one. She has an honest-enough-looking face, but how well can you ever really know somebody?)