Botanical Interests Will Stop at Nothing (and a Giveaway)


This dedicated seed company will stop at nothing to get you excited about starting plants from seed. Including to give you enough information to practically make you a botanist.

While I’ve been purchasing Botanical Interests’ seeds at local nurseries for many years, it’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve actually had the entire catalog in my hand to peruse. And I wish I had purchase my Botanical Interests seed packets this way a long time ago. Here’s why.

You see it would be enough for me that they offer only untreated, organic seed that’s free of GMOs. But that isn’t enough for this family-owned seed company. Along with only the loveliest artwork on the front of each packet, they’ve also made sure that you have all the information you need to be successful with starting plants from seed. Right next to the beautiful drawings are the most pertinent information for each plant variety such as its blooming season and the mature height of the plant.


But even that wasn’t enough for Botanical Interests. They went ahead and added details for every variety on the back of the packets, too. Tips like when and how to start the seeds, what kind of soil and environment the plant likes, and a handy plant tag – complete with both common and botanical name, plus seed planting information. Just cut out the tag and attach it to a marker and you won’t have to memorize anything because it’s all right there.

Was that enough? Not really. These garden freaks are committed to their customer’s gardening success, so they found yet another way to provide you with even more growing details – all on the inside of the seed packet! Of course at their website there’s a gardening tips page and a newsletter. (What is it with this company and education?)


Now here’s the reason I’ll always order from them online from now on: the packaging. Botanical Interests sends your seed in this adorable little box with – get this – a folded insert with MORE tips and information on seed-starting. Somehow I hit the jackpot and also received a stand-up desk calendar which has drawings from their fabulous artists on each month.


So, check it out: Botanical Interests wants to send you an assortment of their wonderful seeds (your choice) just for leaving a comment here! Their seeds include those for flowers, herbs, vegetables, heirlooms, and grasses. Let us know what you like to grow and we’ll do a random drawing for the winner on Thursday, February 17th.