Me and My RainBops

These are my darling RainBops

I headed into this winter without any mud or rain boots for traipsing around in my yard and garden. And I do a LOT of traipsing. So I was understandably thrilled when I heard that I’d won a pair of RainBops by Garden Shoes Online.

Photo by Mattbuck
Here’s what My feet would have looked like all winter if I hadn’t won my RainBops (they’re not really my feet, but you get the idea)

Instead, these ARE my feet this winter

My win became all the sweeter when my adult girls saw the box at the door and proceeded to open it. There were these absolutely darling boots just begging to be pulled on. And yes, I did yell, “Score!” as I grabbed them before my girls could try them on. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I wear them outside my pants on purpose because I get admiring looks from everyone when I wear them while running errands (at least I think that’s why people are staring at me).


Check out these bad boys….

Anyway, I’ve honestly never seen mud boots with more personality anywhere. If you’re looking for a pair of rain/mud boots that make a fabulous statement in the garden (or at the grocery store), check out RainBops from Garden Shoes Online. My gardening friends, these boots are comfy, I assure you – and they’re 100% waterproof. They’ve also got an amazing variety of styles and colors to choose from. The muck boots are resistant to the usual suspects that can harm or stain boots – grass, salt-water, fertilizers and household cleansers. Garden Shoes Online has Clogs, Sloggers, Sandals, RainBops, Bogs – all kinds of fashion accessories for gardeners.