Small Space Gardening on the Suburban Farm


Today was an extremely rainy Saturday here on the suburban farm. But in between jags of pouring rain, I managed to capture what I think are sights of interest. The first one is what I’m thinking is the ultimate in small space gardening – a couple of volunteer baby lettuces popping up in the crack between my driveway and cement border. Remember the hanging basket of lettuce during the summer? Well, I let one of them go to seed and I’m thinking that the wind clearly takes its job seriously as a pollinator and planter. (Dinner? Just a minute, let me grab some lettuce from the driveway…)


The next thing I noticed was very pleasing, indeed. The neighbor’s lemon tree is hanging just perfectly over my fence and are happily beginning to ripen *snoopy dance*. Muahahahahahaha…Part of small space gardening is using what’s around you, my friends. Could this picture be any better? It most certainly can.


If I back up a bit, I’m able to capture my Americauna hen, Churro, in the image along with the lemons. Just look at this noble animal.