Holiday Decorating With H. Potter Wardian Case


In October I was the happy recipient of a darling Wardian Case Terrarium from H. Potter. I’ve always been weak for these pieces of elegance in my home. I immediately put it to work as the new home for my carnivorous Venus Fly Traps, Boris, Draco, and Jeffrey. A small sign labeled it with “Little Shop of Horrors”, which tickled the kids in my 4H Wildlife group to death (so to speak).


The carnivores took up residence in my lovely little terrarium just for the Halloween month of October. While this decorative piece has a permanent place in my kitchen window, it now carries a Christmas theme. Two Polka-dot plants (Hypoestes phyllostachya) are bringing holiday cheer with their mottled-white leaves and the help of some well-placed holly berries.


My H. Potter Wardian Case Terrarium will house my tropical plants well until February comes along, and a Valentine theme will take over. When you’re checking off your holiday shopping list, you may have just found the perfect gift for a plant lover in your life. It’s also makes a wonderful “To Me, Love, Me” gift!

Disclosure: Yes, the Wardian case was sent to me free of charge – it wasn’t purchased. My opinion of this fabulous product also wasn’t purchased.