The Chiweenie Draws a Winner

The names were attached to the bones and turned over to be certain there would be no cheating.

The chiweenie drew from the fall drawing basket over the weekend for the Badass Fall Garden Basket Giveaway. We placed all the entry names on dog biscuits and turned them over so if the chiweenie had learned to read behind our backs, she wouldn’t be able to see the names. This actually turned out harder than I had anticipated. The plan was to have her draw a bone from the basket and then get a picture of the winning name on the bone while it was in her mouth. Such a cute image, right?

The chiweenie makes her choice.

But like many other things I so carefully plan, it took an immediate 180 – and so did the chiweenie. She took off with the bone and I had to chase her down to get the picture. Thankfully, I snapped it when I did because she promptly ate the name tag right afterward! with me people…

I had to chase her down to get the picture. But you can see the beginning of the winning name there…

The chosen (and swallowed) name was Suburbhomestead! Get me your address, m’dear and the Badass Fall Garden Basket will be set to you post-haste!