Victory Garden at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show


If you haven’t ever been to a SF Flower & Garden Show, I think it’s my duty to inform you that you’re missing out big time. This show didn’t earn its reputation for being the most cutting edge garden show in the country for nothing. The sheer talent of the most amazing designers anywhere shows up in spades at this garden-gala and it’s an event not to be missed.

I know that there are some fantastic pictures and slide shows of these masterpiece gardens floating about the internet that can back up my claims. But, for me, one of the most impressive things about this year’s show is the Victory Garden display.

Inside the buildings wandering through the those jaw-dropping designs, I was in awe and maybe, (if the truth be told) a little out of my element. Oh, I always pick up a few great ideas here and there for my own yard and I have immense appreciation for these creations. But in the Victory Garden I was home.


This was more like my house. Colorful veggies and insect-inviting flowers combined with a lovely little design (I do love some design) and I was in my element.

And be still, my heart – they even had a chicken tractor with live chickens clucking about! I do want to mention that quite a few of the exotic garden designers used many a veggie tucked in here and there among their designs. This only goes to show that there’s no end to their genius (just sayin’).

These guys stopped at nothing to bring the most amazing plants to the public. This last image is of a 100 year old olive tree. How the hell did they manage that?


(*Yes, this is quite possibly the worst photography I’ve ever participated in and my apologies go out to Laura and the SF Flower & Garden Show team)