Move Over Big Ag…Home Ag is Moving In

Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks

Growing things isn’t brain surgery. After all, squirrels do it everyday and without – I might add – opposable thumbs. They hide acorns away for literally a rainy day and half the time they forget about it. The next thing you know, there stands a mighty oak that ends up housing and feeding God-knows-how-many squirrels over its lifetime. If a squirrel can plant an oak that sustains generations of squirrels, you can grow lettuce and potatoes for your household. Trust me on this.

Suburban and urban yards can handle quite a bit of home agriculture. The list is endless. Produce growers saw the writing on the wall along time ago and have been busy as bees creating smaller varieties of trees, heavier producing vegetables, even smaller scale chickens. Small yards (even containers) can grow dwarf and columnar fruit trees, berries, grapes, every vegetable you can think of, and even collect your own farm fresh eggs.

Home ag means you get to feed your family real food. You remember real food, right? It’s the stuff without the extra helping of poison on it – the stuff that still has its own genes. Well, grow some of that. You’re going to be so pleased with yourself.